Cheetahs Institute of Excellence (CIE)

Message from our COO

The Cheetahs Institute of Excellence is all about our love for the game. Our love for treasuring this remarkable sport through the development of aspiring players throughout South Africa. It is about HOPE, DREAMS and creating opportunities for every person who enters its system.

South Africa is a beautifully diverse nation formed by different races and backgrounds. Many of our nation’s rugby players have never had the opportunity to develop their love and dreams for this sport. Even star rugby athletes from top rugby schools do not always receive the opportunities they deserve!

This is the new rugby development platform where we, in proud collaboration with the various Rugby Unions in South Africa, offer world-class rugby development to aspiring rugby athletes.

The Cheetahs Institute of Excellence strive to practice its vision to INSPIRE GREATNESS THROUGH SPORTS TO LIFE! Highly credible rugby-, life- , mental and academic coaches will ensure that a holistically developed individual is equipped for the sport of RUGBY and LIFE.

We will deliver holistically developed rugby athletes within a disciplined environment, who will have the best possible opportunities their development allows, both in their sport and careers.

Join me for an incredible journey, one we embrace with all the burning passion inside of us, one we truly believe in, with destinations filled with great possibilities.

Nothing is impossible, it starts with a dream and extraordinary EFFORT, more so than pure talent!

– Thea Visagie (COO)

Latest News

Inspiring Greatness, Through Sports to Life

Campus Facilities

The Cheetahs Institute of Excellence campus is located at the Toyota Stadium in Bloemfontein, Free State. This is also the home of the Currie Cup Cheetahs Rugby Team. Our students get to rub shoulders, daily, with professional rugby players and role models!

Our Approach

Our aim is to create the full rugby player who has a plan after rugby. We achieve this through a rugby program focusing on individual athlete development that is complimented with an academic program.

Service Offering

Our service offering is a complete athlete development program encompassing all aspects of conditioning, psychology and analysis of each student. As well as the academics, giving our players internationally recognized qualifications.